The 2019 Annual Engineering Week

Once again, the Engineering Week has brought faculty members of different colleges and students of all majors together. Set from the 23rd-25th of April, the annual Engineering Week – organized by the Society of Engineering under the supervision of Dr. Mohammad Zbib – has engaged the PU community in a number of events and activities.

April 23rd kicked off with a debate competition titled “Ethics, Values, & Morals: Engineering vs. Law”. Engineering and law students respectively explored notions of ethics and morality based on their educational backgrounds. Even though each team had different perspectives on how they would tackle and approach certain challenges in Lebanon, they nonetheless shared similar views regarding the importance of maintaining professional integrity when faced with conflicts of interests and external pressures. 

In the following day, April 24th, engineering students crowded to elect the new board members of the Society of Engineering. They cheered and rooted for the candidates that would best fit as the Society’s President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Public Relations Representative. Later that day, engineering students participated in a Q&A competition testing their general engineering and scientific knowledge. The student body gathered and excitedly watched to see who would win.

The Engineering Week came to an end on April 25th and featured an interview with Dr. Bilal Hamad, civil engineer and former Mayor of Beirut. During the interview conducted by civil engineering student Patricia Farah, Dr. Hamad was keen to state that engineers have a responsibility to improve the lives of the people in their community, and that addressing and finding solutions to transportation problems and traffic congestion should be a top priority. Moreover, Dr. Hamad strongly advised students to pursue graduate degrees in order to distinguish themselves in the field and to make use and take advantage of all the technological advancements our modern day has to offer. He concluded by stating that the key to success is life-long learning and the pursuit of one’s passions.

With that, the Engineering Week proved to be nothing short of a successful and exciting event that the whole of the PU community will look forward to next year.