Agreement signed between PU and CSUSB

The continuous thriving for excellence has set Phoenicia University as one of the fastest growing academic institutions in the country. To ensure a more solid and higher quality of education, Phoenicia University has signed an agreement with California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB). This agreement aims to promote educational and academic exchange between Phoenicia University and California State University, San Bernardino to achieve a sustainable and successful partnership with numerous educational and professional benefits for the students of PU, its staff, and faculty.

First and foremost, this agreement aims to enhance students' academic experience by providing opportunities to study abroad and enroll in a variety of programs that foster personal development and cross-cultural attainment of knowledge. These programs include The Undergraduate and Graduate Pathway Programs, the accelerated programs such as the 3+1+Masters in Business Administration MBA Program, and the Articulated Degree Programs. This opportunity is simultaneously unique and advantageous for PU students as they gain international experience, promote connections across the globe, as well as earn degrees that will help them stand out in future employment.

Secondly, the collaboration includes professional development prospects via joint research and seminars between the academics of both institutes. In addition, executive education and corporate programs will be available to acquire a more global and in-depth perspective of key elements in today's market.

The agreement with CSUSB does not only place PU in the forefront of quality education, but it will also be a driving force in shaping the up-and-coming leaders of our country and highlight the importance of developing educational opportunities in Lebanon.