Captain Hoteit Lands on PU

March 8th marks International Women’s Day; a day where the world celebrates women’s progress and achievements in all aspects of life, be it societal, professional, or political.

Accordingly, on March 14, 2019, and in order to honor the success and accomplishments of women everywhere, and in Lebanon in particular, Phoenicia University invited Captain Rola Hoteit as a guest speaker who has literally soared above and has overcome numerous challenges set by patriarchal cultural norms.

Captain Hoteit is the first Lebanese woman to join the Middle East Airlines as a pilot, a profession that has been strictly reserved for men. During her interview with communication student, Hiba Shaito, she shared with the PU community a number of her experiences as a woman in the aviation field.

Captain Hoteit emphasized that all women are just as capable as men, and that young girls ought to be empowered and provided the same opportunities as their male counterparts.

She advised PU youth to believe in themselves, to “aim, plan, and achieve” whatever goals they have set for themselves.

After the interview, PU students were excited to know more about Captain Hoteit and did not hesitate to ask her about her familial role, current studies, and even about contemporary flight incidents.

In brief, Captain Hoteit has certainly managed to impact the PU community with her success story, encouraging them to work hard to reach their goals. They are now more confident that even they sky is not a limit.