College of Law and Political Science

Officers of the College:
- Salim El Daher, PhD Dean of the College

The College of Law and Political Science (CLPS) at Phoenicia University is committed to offer outstanding academic legal and political science education to its students. The College plans to shoulder its responsibility towards society and to form highly educated jurists and political science graduates distinguished by their analytic skills and their ethical standing.

The CLPS is headed by a Dean who oversees the academic programs and activities in the College. The Dean is guided by an advisory committee for major strategic issues and initiatives.

The College of Law and Political Science offers the Bachelor of Law degree, according to the American credit system, while concurrently abiding by the terms of the Lebanese Government Decree no. 2642, issued on September 21, 1965.

Courses in the College are taught in two languages: English and Arabic.


The College is committed to shape highly-educated and skilled law graduates who stand out with their critical skills and moral standing as they contribute to the advancement of the rule of law, common good in society, and human rights.


  • Offer an innovative curriculum that integrates traditional legal analysis and practical skills
  • Improve students’ analytical and logical thinking
  • Initiate students’ capacity to look at crucial legal and political issues in depth and empower them to defend their cases, as well as issues of justice and human rights
  • Encourage students to espouse values of various kinds (human, spiritual and national) and promote them in society
  • Contribute to efforts made to serve the needs of the local community and the well-being of the population


The College of Law and Political Science offers the following degrees: