College of Public Health


The College of Public Health (CPH) at Phoenicia University is dedicated to promoting excellence in teaching, research, and community services by crafting professionals who provide leadership in evidence-based practice that ensures healthier societies and promotes the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities. CPH students will be involved in vigorous research and outreach hands-on projects to become leaders in the provision of care, discovery of new treatment modalities, and administrating access to care for the population.


The goals of the College of Public Health are as follows:

  • Pursue a diverse educational degree completion program that allows  health professionals to continue gainful employment in their chosen field
  • Develop and boost the students’ leadership and healthcare knowledge through academic inquiry while applying critical research skills and using current, practical healthcare models
  • Enhance the students’ understanding of diverse population groups in healthcare and prepare them to take leadership roles in the rapidly changing healthcare environment
  • Enhance the students’ understanding of the political, social, legal and ethical issues that may be encountered and have an impact on the healthcare practice
  • Gain knowledge that helps bridge between theory, research, community public health awareness and clinical care


CPH offers the following degrees: