Dr. Myrna Abi Abdallah Doumit’s Insights on the Nursing Field

In response to the demands of the Lebanese job market, Phoenicia University will be launching its nursing program as of Fall 2019-2020.

Accordingly, and in order to give the students a more informed picture of what the major and the profession entail, PU invited  as a guest speaker on April 3, 2019.

The President of the Order of Nurses​ shed light on why nursing is the field to consider if one aims to achieve professional success and contribute to the welfare of their community simultaneously.

She explained that nursing provides ample job opportunities and is much needed by all establishments irrespective of their nature. For example, a nurse can be employed at medical care centers, educational institutions, and even at airports.

Moreover, Dr. Doumit shared valuable insights on the role of the Order of Nurses in Lebanon in tackling challenges, ensuring progress in the field, as well as evaluating and recommending nursing schools.

The PU community certainly learned much about the nursing sector in Lebanon thanks to Dr. Doumit’s vast knowledge and remarkable professional experience.