Dr. Samarji's Newest Investigation on Prison Education in the MENA Region

Dr. Ahmad Samarji, Head of the Education Department at PU, has written a chapter on prison education in the MENA region titled "Education Within the Middle East and North African Prisons: Challenges and Opportunities". This chapter has been recently published by IGI Global as part of a book titled "The Strategic Learning Ideologies in Prison Education Programs". In addition to the MENA region, the book addresses prison education in USA, UK, and Africa.

In his chapter, Dr. Samarji explores prison education in various MENA countries with a particular emphasis on Roumieh prison in Lebanon as a case study. Informed by Malcolm Knowles’ theory of andragogy, Dr. Samarji devises a practical educational framework which prompts prisoners to grieve their lost opportunities in past years, come to terms with their present life, and become intrinsically motivated to constructively invest in their own future. This publication is timely for a region that is largely characterized by political, social, security, and economical unrest.​