Georges Khabbaz speaks of hope

The auditorium was filled to capacity on Wednesday, May 2, for the live interview with the multi-talented genius Georgez Khabbaz, hosted by our student Lena Khalil.
Born into an artistic family, he grew up in a cultural atmosphere that nurtured and sharpened his creative skills. Although he is adept at directing, scriptwriting, composing and teaching, acting always comes naturally to him.  He has mainly chosen theater not only as a pastime, but as a passion and a profession. It is his unfortunate belief that joy has become a rare currency in Lebanon, and the region, that pushed him to focus on comedy. He is convinced that delivering high-quality comedy based on real content conveys strong patriotic and humanitarian messages. His witty humor captivated the attentive attendees who left the auditorium feeling both hopeful and inspired to pursue their dreams.