A Glimpse into the Professional Journey of Mohamad Kaiss

On November 2nd, 2018, Phoenicia University was pleased to host the Lebanese media presenter Mohamad Kaiss for an interview. Communication and Social Media student, Joelle Mokbel, welcomed our guest and inquired about his professional journey.

From the very start, Kaiss emphasized how important it is to embrace one’s unique individuality. He explained how from a fairly young age, he was curious about what it felt like to be in the spotlight and did not hesitate to seize whatever chance in order to immerse himself in the field. Even though his experiences have earned him notable recognition and labeled him as one of the youngest successful media personnel, he still seeks to develop his skills and achieve greater goals. Concluding the interview, Al Kaiss advised the students to believe in their capabilities and not to compromise their own uniqueness in order to please those around them.