Interested in Attending the UC Berkeley Summer Sessions?

On Wednesday, October 9, 2019, Mr. Cole Harry, Coordinator of the UC Berkeley Summer Sessions, visited PU and delivered a presentation informing students about the requirements, procedures, and the courses that students can register for in completion of their course work at PU.

The UC Berkeley Summer Sessions offer around 600 courses in over 80 disciplines. PU students can choose to study at UC Berkeley during the summer and complete courses related to their majors. They can later request a transcript of grades or even letters of recommendation should they wish to pursue their graduate studies in the United States.

Mr. Harry explained that, just as with any other course, students are required to attend classes, submit assignments, and sit for quizzes. Moreover, exchange students have a range of services they can benefit from, such as getting support from the Student Learning Center or seeking advice from the graduate council.

Exchange students can also enjoy a healthy and active social life during their period of study by attending events and engaging in numerous recreational activities.