Message from the Dean

Phoenicia University, through the College of Law and Political Science, serves the legal profession in Lebanon and the Middle East and maps the legal world to the arena of research and critical inquiry.

The College of Law and Political Science is committed to improve the quality of legal education. The College endeavors to prepare its students to become committed citizens by emphasizing human values, mainly human rights, justice, freedom and the common good, drawn from the teachings of the monotheistic religions, ethics, and the best of our legal traditions and history. The College offers the Bachelor of Law degree according to the American credit system, while concurrently abiding by the terms of the Lebanese Government Decree no. 2642, issued on September 21, 1965. The course offerings reflect the College’s commitment to respond to the needs of society and shed light on current and contemporary legal issues.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to consider joining the College of Law and Political Science at Phoenicia University and to start your journey towards defending and promoting justice and human rights.

Salim El Daher, PhD