PU Hosts the IEEE 2019 Lebanese Communication Workshop

In today's modern world, mobile communication has proved to be one of the domains where innovations in technology are continuously surfacing and facilitating contact between people all over the world.

In order to update the community and interested parties on the latest technologies and breakthroughs in the field of mobile communication, Phoenicia University has proudly hosted the IEEE 2019 Lebanese Communication Workshop, titled "5G and Beyond".

Over 300 faculty members, students, and professionals attended the day-long workshop, which included talks by international guest speakers, such as Dr. Constantinos Papadias, Scientific Director of Athens Information Technology, and Dr. Maria Gabriella, Professor of Electrical Engineering at University of Roma. The workshop also provided its attendees with a demo of the latest communication equipment by National Instruments.

Evidently, being informed about technologies in communication has become a necessity to progress in one's field of study, career, or even in their pursuits of interests and passions.