A Rejuvenating Trip






The society of Architecture and Design was thrilled to organize the trip to Akoura after a stressful and exhausting semester of presenting projects and midterms. What other way to release some stress than to go hiking?

We took off to Akoura but had no idea about what to expect. We started out with the via feratta, hanging on to a steel cable as rocks and mud slid underneath our feet. We truly tested our endurance to make it to the top of the mountain. As challenging as it was, our laughter roared across the area. Having finally reached the top, we decided to give ourselves a ten-minute break to rest – in other words, to take pictures and selfies.

After that, we continued hiking till we reached a spot called the "Lion King Rock," 1,800 meters above sea level. It felt like we were on top of the world; it was a breathtaking view from which we could see greenery spread for miles and miles.

Our next destination was the "Roues Cave." The only way to get inside was by crawling. The guides ushered us to a route where 14 tunnels branched out, each leading to the exact same spot! It was so quiet inside. My favorite part was we got to enjoy the silence and the darkness. It felt as if we were completely isolated from the world, yet still at the core of it, being able to hear every bird tweet outside and every water drop. What a beautiful way to connect with nature and ourselves!

On the ride back home, we couldn’t care less about our muddy clothes and how exhausted we were. It was a great way to overcome our stress and to bond with one another. We all felt rejuvenated and ready to handle whatever challenges awaited us.


Rana B. Khachab   
Architecture Student