Research by Prof. Mohamad Zbib to Develop Nano-metallic Composites

Professor Mohamad Zbib from Phoenicia University has collaborated with a number of scholars in a project to fabricate a new nano-metallic carbon composite material, with enhanced mechanical behavior, that can be used in applications such as heat exchangers, actuators, and sensors.

This collaboration includes scholars from Purdue University (Prof. David Bahr), University of Kentucky (Prof.  John Balk, and Dr. Nicolas Briot), University of Idaho (Dr. Michael Maughan), and Imperial College London (Mr. Matthew Howard).

The study has been published recently in a paper titled "The Mechanical Response of Arrays of Carbon Nanotubes Coated with Metallic Shells" in the journal of "Materials Research Society Advances".

More collaborative work is currently taking place between Phoenicia University and Purdue University on processing multi-functional composite materials.