Imperfect or I'm perfect






“Cover girls don’t cry, after their face is made.” – Alissa Cara

We often confuse between plastic and cosmetic surgeries, they might appear similar, but their goals differ. Plastic surgery is the fact of reconstructing a part of your body due to traumas or birth defects, whereas cosmetic surgery is the need to beautify yourself even though it is not medically required.

Living in a world confined by stereotypes, the definition of “perfect” changes from one perspective to another, and with cosmetic surgeries, people are fulfilling what the media projects as “perfect.” In Lebanon, one in every 3 women has already gone under the knife, probably influenced by the many Lebanese celebrities that are opting to make those nose jobs or lips fillers.

In the past few years, we have noticed how young women and even men are starting to resemble celebrities. Having Nancy Ajram’s nose or Maya Diab’s lips is a must, but even those celebrities’ features are cosmetic and not natural. With so much people who have already had some work done, people’s opinions on whether or not cosmetic surgeries should be so readily available for any and every individual are numerous.

Nonetheless, people can be divided into three main categories when it comes to their stand on the topic: (1) those who support it (2) those who are against it and (3) the “yes I support it, but only if.”

To dig deeper into the matter, we have interviewed some of  PU’s student body to know what they had to say about the subject. Here are some different points of view the students shared:




  “God has made us perfect just the way we are.
  There’s no need to change anything about yourself, just accept and embrace it.”

    Khalil Mrad                                  
    Electrical Engineering Student



“I’ve had so much plastic surgery, when I die, they will donate my body to Tupperware.” -Joan Rivers



   “Even if not medically needed,
   some things should be fixed when you don’t feel satisfied about the way you look.
   Some of my insecurities might not even be apparent to others,
    but to boost my self-esteem, I’d rather fix them.”

    Nour Sbeiti
    Freshmen Student




     “If one doesn’t feel comfortable with the way they look,
     they should have the right to change that for their sake and not others’.”

    Bassel Noureddine
Civil Engineering Student



“Everybody does what they need. And if you want plastic surgery, and then you feel better, why not? There is no law. I've nothing against using something to help your beauty - but do it in a good way, with intelligence.” -Monica Bellucci



    “Some people might have circumstances that oblige them to have plastic or cosmetic surgery,
     such as employment reasons or others.
     However, if it’s done for no valid reason but to -beautify a natural feature,
     then it should not be encouraged.”

    Ahmad Zeineddine
    Speech Therapy Student


All in all, each individual possesses their own opinion on the matter, whether they’ve been under the knife, would want to, or are even against the idea. Improving your looks through cosmetic surgeries should be your own choice to make.

What about you? Would you go for it? Or would you call yourself “perfect”?


Marwa Zeitoun              
Interior Design Student