Lucky Student







I would like to start by saying I am very pleased to be part of this loving family here at Phoenicia University. Every face I’ve met, since I began teaching the Social Media Class for communication and business students, was a smiley and welcoming one.

When I stepped into this prestigious place, I felt positive vibes around. Everyone here has a purpose (I hope) a clear mission and a vision.  

Today’s students are so lucky. Ten years ago, university students were not privileged with technology or this load of information and access to knowledge as they do today.

Today’s students are lucky because the educational system is evolving and becoming more and more interactive and especially practical with the realization of institutions that success cannot be achieved unless combined with experience and this is what the current administration of PU university is trying to achieve for its brilliant students.

You are lucky because you are surrounded by wonderful green spaces, unavailable in Beirut or in busy cities, away from noise, pollution and negative energy… the rising oxygen level at this place gives you the ability to think and be more productive in your work and research.

Given all the above, you are surrounded by the best deans and professors and an administration that has lots of ambitions for your future and its future as a prestigious university trying to book a place among the first institutions in the country.

For all this, you have no excuse but to succeed! Study hard! Focus in class and be unique just like you are surrounded with all this uniqueness.

Lucky generation, do not think life is easy! If you have a goal, work hard to achieve it and never be afraid to try even if you might fail; there will always be a second and better chance. What matters is that you have the resilience of a Lebanese, the power of the phoenix who rises from under the ashes and flies high in the sky. 


Philip Abou Zeid                                               
 Social media and communication professor