“I think PU is unique in the sense that it offers an unprecedented forum of
      interaction between professors and their students, in which the 
     are able to converse with the professors and cultivate friendships.”

    - Bernard Safi
      Petroleum Engineering Student
     “PU is not only offering me high quality education but also an affordable
      fees with an amazing campus, and welcoming atmosphere.
      It makes it the ultimate place not only for a great experience but for an
      unforgettable journey.”
    - Jana Shibli
      Petroleum Engineering Student
     “Clubs and societies are the lifeblood of the university where students can
      attend unique events and meet new people who share their interests.
      PU allows everyone to be a part of something they love or
     want to know more about.”
    - Hiba Shaito
      Communication and Social Media Student
     “I like the campus over here. It is well-designed and attractive.
      In addition, the teaching methodology in Architecture allows us
      to get along with our instructors and benefit from their expertise.”
     - Mohammad Shukini
       Architecture Student
     “PU dorms has given me the full university experience.
      The day and night staff are so friendly, and everything
      is very convenient friends became family,
      giving me the feeling of home. ”
     - Kawthar Suleiman
       Law Student
     “I am majoring in Computer Sciences at PU. It is a lively university with
      cooperative instructors. I feel that studying here will not only help me
      land numerous jobs, but the student-life experience will also allow me cope
      with any challenges I may face.”
     - Hassan Ibrahim
      Computer Science Student
      “Symphoenicia, the music club at PU gave my life harmony. This club has
       offered me an opportunity to explore the world of music.
       I have gained not only musical skills, but made friends through
       experiences that will accompany my memory forever.”
     - Joud Hashem
       Petroleum Engineering Student

     “In only a short period of time, I managed to make many friends.
      Those friends are like my family now.”
     - Mira Abo Khalil
       Business Student

     “It is a place where top education and social life meet!”
     - Marie Makhoul
      Civil Engineering Student